Courses for Professionals above 15 years old.
All Courses for Professionals are 3 months long. Classes are 3 hours long, once a week.

Script Writing

Aspiring screenwriters need to understand that while great ideas and stories are fantastic, they are not enough to make a film. You need to know how to write a screenplay! The curriculum covers the entire journey of a script from story-idea to final dialogue draft illustrating the different stages of idea, premise, theme, plot, character, structure, scene construction, and dialogue.




SSC specialise in Art Performance & Creativity, which create development and stage performance skills in students. Acting classes are designed to take students on a journey to Become an Actor. Using a step-by-step series of exercises, projects, filmed scene work and other modules It also develops students professional speakers and creates situations independently with scenes given to them. Our acting classes have proven to be successful in turning out actors who can take on any role. Join us at Shinz and Become an Actor in our acting classes in Online , Kovan, Hougang, Punggol, Sengkang and Jurong West.



Fundamentals of Film Making

The objective of the filmmaking courses is to enable students to understand the creative aspects of filmmaking such as shaping and controlling artistic facets, script visualisation, costume effects, etc. along with imparting in-depth knowledge of technical aspects like understanding various types of shots, camera angles, lighting effects, motion picture formats, script, post productions, pre productions, marketing, release, editing, directions casting analyzation and budgeting

$2500 (1-year Asst Director Project base)


Cinematography / DOP

Cinema to Each visual element that appears on screen, can serve, and enhance the story—so it is the cinematographer’s responsibility to ensure that every visual element is cohesive and supports the narrative. students learn the theoretical and practical skills necessary for visual storytelling in films, television shows, or web series



Public Speaking

Public speaking (also called oratory or oration) is the process or act of performing a speech to a live audience. This type of speech is deliberately structured with three general purposes- to inform, to persuade and to entertain. Deliver impactful speeches by mastering the use of body language, intonation and facial expressions




(Bollywood, Ballroom, Freestyle and Hip Hop)

Through dance, our students learn to coordinate and control their bodies and the movement helps them develop spatial awareness. It also improves strength and muscle function in students as well as increases balance and flexibility, leading to better stability. Students will learn unique choreographies and will be exposed to the concepts of expressions, rhythm, beats.





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